Frequently Asked Questions--a work in progress

While technically not a list of question, the information on this page is based on comments and questions we have received.

Why won't the catalog remember my library card number & PIN?

This is a function of your browser, not the catalog. Most browsers will ask the first time you visit a site "Do you want to remember your password "for this site? Depending how you answer this question, your browser will/won't remember your library card number.

The catalog goes right to my son's account. Why won't it let me login?

This is a function of your browser, not the catalog. Most browsers will ask the first time you visit a site "Do you want to remember your password "for this site? If someone else using your computer answered "yes" to this question, your browser will remember that library card number and won't ask you for yours. There is a setting usually under "Tools" which allows you to tell the browser NOT to remember passwords.


Holds work the same way they were in the old catalog, but they look different.

Local Holds

"Local Hold" means that those items are only holdable by people from the library that owns the item

Most of the libraries' newest materials are limited to holds for their own patrons. 
This means that, sometimes users from other libraries will have to wait until their 
library buys a copy or until the other libraries' copies are old enough that the 
library feels it can let them fill any holds.  

The library software will automatically try to fill your hold with your library's copy if it can.

It will also give priority to holds for users who are from the library owning the title.

This means that if there are many holds on a title and your library doesn't own
a copy, your hold won't be filled until all libraries have filled their own
users' holds (or until your library buys a copy).

Specific Issue or Copy

To request a specific issue or copy, click on the Place Hold button.

On the Place Hold screen, click on Specific Hold. This will show you all the copies for that title.
Check the one(s) on which you want to place a hold.
If you want, use the Comments box to give a reason why you want the specific copies.
Click on the Submit Hold button.

Specific copy holds are not placed immediately. An email is sent to your library's 
staff and they will place the hold for you. Specific copy holds take longer than 
Any Copy holds. 

Examples of reasons to place a Specific Copy hold:

  • You need the March issue of a magazine.
  • You need part 2 of a 6-part miniseries.
  • You want the complete season set of a TV series.

Placing a Specific Hold on a copy that says "Available" will take longer than 
placing a regular hold. Many libraries will not place a Specific Hold when a 
regular hold will do. 

Reasons to leave a comment when placing a Specific Copy hold:

  • You want a paperback copy instead of hardcover.
  • You need all the copies for a bookclub.
  • You know that Library X's copy of a CD or DVD is scratched, and want a copy from a different library.

Changing the font size

Most browsers allow you to increase or decrease the font size by pressing "CTRL +" or "CTRL -"

Added Content - Cover Art, Review, Exerpts

Cover Art, Reviews, Excerpts, Descriptions are all part of a service that Winnefox buys to add to the catalog. We have no control over which titles display additional info in the catalog and which ones don't.

How does the Book Bag work?

The Book Bag lets you add titles, searches to a temporary list that you can then email, text, cite, save or print.

When you do a search, on the results list, each title has a little checkbox in front of it. At the top of the results list is a "Select All" box. This will select all 20 items on the page. Or you can check the individual boxes next to the titles you want to add to your Book Bag. After selecting the titles you want to add, click "Add to Book Bag" at the top of the results list.

To view the items in your Book Bag, click on the little briefcase BookBag icon in the upper right hand corner. This will also show how many items are in your Book Bag.

The Book Bag only remembers the things you add to it as long as you are using the 
catalog. If you Log Out or Quit, or have more than 10 minutes of inactivity,
your Book Bag is emptied automatically.

If you want to keep a permanent list, you need to save them to Favorites.

What are Favorites?

Favorites are lists which you can permanently store and come back to later.

You can email, cite, text, print, etc the items in your Favorites, just like with the Book Bag. You can also place holds on the titles on your Favorites list. And you can add notes to the items for future reference.
You can create multiple Favorite lists.

To add items to a new Favorites list, first add the items to the Book Bag.
Then, select the items you want to save.
Click on "Save Selected".
Click on "or create new list."
Give the new list a name.
Click on "Save."
Re-select the items.
Click on "Save Selected."
Use the drop down arrow to Choose a List.
Click on "Save."
Why Can't I Edit My Phone and Address?

As a matter of policy, most libraries require some proof of address before modifying a user's record. This protects against fraud.

Can I Renew My Card Online?

No, this function needs to be done by library staff. Your card expires every 16 months. This gives the library the chance to verify/update your address and contact information.

Why Change?

Necessity. Our old catalog has been "End-of-Lifed" by the company. This means it is no longer supported by the company, and will eventually cease to function. We needed to replace it before it breaks.